Next Steps

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1. Virtual Book Club Meetings: Organize regular virtual book club meetings to discuss 'The Fate of AI Society' and explore the concepts together. Participants can share their insights and discuss the potential implications of AI in our society. 

2. Webinars Featuring the Author: Invite Kenneth Hamer-Hodges to host webinars, discussing his thoughts and ideas behind his work and its implications for the future. 

3. Interactive AI Showcase: Create an interactive showcase and exhibit on AI and cybersecurity, inspired by the concepts presented in the book, allowing enthusiasts to experience firsthand the potential future of the field. 

4. School / University Curriculum: Integrate 'The Fate of AI Society' into high school or university reading lists for courses related to technology, cybersecurity, AI, or future societies. 

5. Develop an Online Course: Create a comprehensive online course based on the book. This could include video lectures, quizzes, and community forums for further discussion. 

6. AI Innovation Competition: Organize a hackathon or competition that encourages participants to develop AI solutions in line with the ideas proposed by Hamer-Hodges in his book. 

7. Draw a Comic Series: Design a comic series that visualizes and simplifies the ideas from 'The Fate of AI Society' to attract younger readers and create awareness about the revolution brought about by AI. 

8. Interactive Podcasts: Interview experts and thought leaders in the field of AI to discuss the book's major themes in an engaging and interactive podcast series. 

9. Essay writing Competition: Organize an essay writing competition, encouraging readers to express their views on AI societies and the ideas presented in the book. 

10. Virtual Reality Experience: Develop a VR experience that simulates the future AI society depicted in the book, providing a tangible, immersive vision of what our future could be. 

11. Documentaries: Produce a series of documentaries based on the themes and concepts in the book, attracting a wider audience and generating a deeper understanding of the impact of AI on society. 

12. Book-inspired merchandise: Design 'The Fate of AI Society'-inspired merchandise, such as T-shirts, mugs, and posters featuring key concepts or quotes from the book. 

13. Theatre Performances: Adapt 'The Fate of AI Society' into a play or theatrical performance, employing drama and visual storytelling to explore its themes. 

14. Online quizzes: Design online quizzes challenging readers' understanding of the book and its messages about the future of AI society.